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Peace, flowers, freedom, happiness!

Laugh, joke, and goodbye...

7 May
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my friends are life!

"Then you have a sudden hunch you're alone in the world"

smiling is happy love

woot woot! if you don't know who me is (because you happen to be some random person looking at my journal) let me tell you. I'm obsessive compulsive over theater (aka my life), guacamole, and The Princess Bride (book AND movie thankyou very much)! I'm often hyper, and when I'm angry I write some mad good poetry. so come and take a gander at my swankified live journal. i made it all by myself because im just so lj savvy baby.

Now here are various colorbars. =]

Les Misérables is Love

Avenue Q is love

Wicked is love

Idina Menzel Is Love

Kristin Chenoweth Is Love

The Nicest Kids in Town are Love

Finding Nemo is Love

Andy's Toys are Love

Toy Story 2 is Love
(indeed it is Amy/Mad. haha!)

Eric Matthews is Love

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Finding a Golden Ticket is Love

I claimed A Chorus Line (the musical) at claim_broadway
I claimed "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables", Les Miserables at claim_broadway
I claimed "One Day More", Les Miserables at claim_broadway

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Teen Titans Go!

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